Going so soon? Oh well... At least you're going somewhere worthwhile. Each of these links has been selected by us, and we check the linked sites on a regular basis to ensure that they are maintained and are still relevant to their categories, since websites change at such an alarming rate. None of these are adverts or sponsored links.

But before you go, could you give us some feedback in the forum or the ShoutBox, if you haven't already done so? We really do appreciate it, and it will help us improve Garjen. Many thanks.

StarCraft. A website devoted entirely to StarCraft, with lots of downloads.
Lemmings Universe One of the largest Lemmings download archives on the web, although the site doesn't seem to be updated anymore.
Lemnet A well organised site with a number of downloads.
Duke Nukem 3D.
3DRealms The 3DRealms homepage.
PlanetDuke A site devoted to Duke Nukem.
Wolfenstein 3D.
3D Realms - Wolfenstein 3D The official Wolfenstein 3D homepage.
Wolfenstein 3D Shrine A shrine for Wolfenstein 3D, this page contains lots of information.
Poets Wolf 3D Page Information on editing the Wolf 3D source code, along with some custom missions.
Other Games Sites.
Unreal Tournament The homepage of Unreal Tournament.
Some Useful Tools.

The central website of the Linux storm. Linux is a secure, fast, powerful, open-sourced operating system. It's also free - and because it's open source, there are hundreds of versions for you to choose from, or you could even make your own! It's well worth a look.

Mozilla FirefoxThe homepage of the best browser yet - Firefox. Deus Ex Machina.
WinampThe place to go for all things Winamp, which is one of the best media players available.
ZoneAlarmZoneAlarm is a personal firewall, to help secure your computer from attackers and give you control over which of your programs use the Internet connection.

An excellent virus scanner, completely free, and exceptionally powerful. Virus definition updates are released on a regular basis, and these are also free to download.

WinzipWinzip is a zip file manager for Windows. This (or another unzipping program, such as ZipFree) is needed to unzip many of Garjen's downloads.
Acrobat ReaderFrom this site you can download the latest version of Acrobat Reader, which is a viewer needed to read PDF files - a file format extensively used for game manuals, and many other electronic documents.
TrillianTrillian is a meta-messenger, which lets you chat on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ and IRC all in one nifty little program.
Ad-AwareAd-aware scans your computer for any known spyware or datamining software - you'll be shocked at how much it finds.
FontlistA simple little tool, which I (Hornet) have found very useful. It creates an html file with previews of all the fonts on your system, allowing you to choose the right font first time!
Miscellaneous Links.
Howie's Funware Howie's Funware - lots of high quality shareware screensavers for you to download.

Links FAQ.

Due to being bombarded with questions, I've decided to add a links FAQ.

Who chooses the sites Garjen links to?

We do. If we find a useful tool, an obscure website, or some little-known shareware or freeware developer, then we give them a link. We usually e-mail them informing them that we have done so, and many of them return the favour by linking back to us.

Is Garjen paid to have some of these links here?

No! As the section summary says, none of these are adverts or sponsored links. They are simply sites that we like, and that we feel would be of interest to Garjen's users.

I found a broken link! ...OR... That site was nothing to do with the category it was in!

Just leave a message in our ShoutBox saying what link caused the problem, and one of us will investigate when we can.

Can I link to Garjen?

Certainly. And if your site is maintained and relevant to one of our sections, we may well link back to you - so if you do link to us, please let us know! We have three 88*31 link images, which can be found below - use whichever suits your site. Other sizes available on request. Also, please refrain from linking to any of our sub-pages, unless we give you the go-ahead first. This is simply because we move pages around on a regular basis, and you'll almost certainly end up with a broken link before too long. Never link directly to any of our downloads - not only does it deprive your visitors of information about the file, and support with any problems they encounter whilst using it, but it steals our bandwidth, which is rude.