StarCraft: A Modern Legend.

This section of Garjen is dedicated to one of the most successful RTS games ever - StarCraft. Even now, several years after it's release (which makes it an antique compared with the average game's lifetime), it still has an ever-faithful legion of followers, both on BattleNet and on the myriad of websites and forums devoted to it. Garjen doesn't claim to be the best tactics archive on the web; merely something different.

StarCraft tactics and battleplans have always been a source of disagreements in the past, and we expect ours to be no exception. If you have a different opinion on something, or a more efficient build order, please post in the StarCraft forum. If you have a good idea, then we'll add it to the collection.

In the interests of getting V3 up within anything remotely resembling a reasonable timeframe, we have had to delay adding the StarCraft tactics and unit usage information, as these are very labour-intensive. They will be added soon - please check back on a regular basis. Our StarCraft maps are online however, and the rest of Garjen is fully operational, so please continue browsing.