Contact the Garjen Team.

This is the contact page, where you can send anyone on the team a message, question or suggestion. Unlike the forums and the ShoutBox, anything you send via this from can only be read by us. Perfect for sending those covert software plans...

Unless you specifically need to contact one of us, it would probably be better to use the forums, as there are other people there who can reply to your message faster than we could. Also, please check them to see if your question/suggestion hasn't already been mentioned and dealt with. Thanks.

It would be helpful if you could try to send your message to the correct person - a brief summary who can be blamed for what is below, and more detailed information is available on that person's profile, which is accessible by clicking on one of our names. If you don't know who to send it to, just choose "Anyone" and one of us will read it and notify whoever it concerns.

Hornet created the graphics, html and layout, and I am also responsible for the scripts. All of Garjen's pages were created by me, but the actual content is a group effort. The Skins and Wallpapers were all created by me; I take full blame for those. Do NOT ask me for graphics, scripting or skinning advice via this form - you will get nowhere at an astronomical speed. Ask in our forums, however, and I'll be more than happy to help you.

Hydra has created several Lemmings levelpacks, and, with Predator, has created an epic StarCraft campaign.

Predator is the webmaster, and has ultimate control over everything (except his hair!), so important queries are best addressed to him. In particular, TeamDuke, Wolfenstein and Garjen's own Software fall directly under his jurisdiction.

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