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Garjen Software and a friend known as “Plugwash” have proudly created a team-play pack for Duke Nukem 3D, known to Garjen as “TeamDUKE”. This add-on pack allows more multiplayer game types other than DukeMatch and Co-operative to be played under Duke Nukem 3D. Currently, in version 0.62ß, you can play CTF, TeamDUKEMatch, FLAG-TAG, and Enhanced DUKE-TAG.See the Tuition page for more information.

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ProducerGarjen Software
Project LeaderJ. Gareth "Praetor PredAtor" Moreton
CON ProgrammingJ. Gareth "Praetor PredAtor" Moreton
Peter M. "Plugwash" Green
GraphicsJ. Gareth "Praetor PredAtor" Moreton
Peter M. "Plugwash" Green
TeamDUKE MAP Designers J. Gareth "Praetor PredAtor" Moreton
Peter M. "Plugwash" Green
Luke "Theseus" Nockles
Steven "Tazz 2000" Harrington
AdvertisingPeter M. "Plugwash" Green
Presented byGarjen Software
Beta Testers

A. Alistair W. "Zaarin" Smith
Tom C. M. "STARRMAN" Starr
Matthew P. "DJ MPL" Lawrence

...and all those who download TeamDUKE!