Project: Omega

Our Total Conversion for Wolfenstein 3D. This TC does NOT require the original Wolfenstein to run.

The Story:

Despite Adolf Hitler's downfall, several groups of surviving Nazis refused to give in, and so started mini-wars of their own. Many are worried because there are rumours that a revolutionary new crystal has been discovered, called the Omega Crystal. If refined correctly, it generates virtually limitless energy, but also provides massive explosive power - and the Nazis intend to use it for its second use!!!

The Grosse and Giftmacher family are known to be involved. However, the supreme leader is believed to be Martin Bormann, Hitler's fixer. But he committed suicide, didn't he...? Or did he somehow cheat death?


To download the zip file, simply click here to save it to disk (click the link, do NOT right-click and select Save Target As...). Then extract the files into an empty directory, and start playing! There have been 934 downloads since May 2004.

The Levels:

TIP: Some of the descriptions deliberately give away some of the levels' content - read on for more secret intelligence!!

Episode 1.

Though Hitler is dead, the Third Reich may not have collapsed as originally thought. Intelligence claims that a large detachment of Nazis have taken refuge inside a number of fortresses and are believed to be researching forbidden technologies to start a World War III that the Allies have no chance of winning. Whatever is happening must be stopped at all costs.

Level 1 - Security HQ

You jump off the back of a truck into the fortress's security control centre. Take out any resistance and find your way to the next floor.

Level 2 - Hitler's Court

The hidden and spectacular mediaeval-like banquet courts; a Hitler family heirloom. Swastika banners hang from the ceiling in the great corridor. Find the key into the main banquet hall where a feast is already underway with the Officers, Guards and the SS.

TIP: Don't run into the kitchen unprepared - the officer chefs can shoot better than they can cook!

Level 3 - The Basement

A rather sadistic floor in the fortress - a small army barracks right next to a prison full of rotting skeletons. Find your way out of here before you have too many nightmares.

Level 4 - Engineering Bay

A little bit empty at the moment; the vastness of the rooms used to be filled to the ceiling with Gatling Guns, Panzerfausts (Rocket Launchers), Mortars and everything else that they used during WWII. Thankfully, this engineering bay was shut down several months ago, but that doesn't mean that it is unoccupied.

Level 5 - Tactical Ops

This is where Officers plot their next move and hide their inventory. Scour the corridors and passageways, eliminating every threat and acquiring anything that could be of use.

Level 6 - Parade Square

Make your way to the elevator in a nearby structure. Try to avoid attracting the attention of the parade squads, or your position could be overrun.

Level 7 - Command Centre

Penetrate the Command Centre of this sector. Careful, many direct routes are blocked and require access though some other means.

Level 8 - Espionage

Behold, the gardens of the fortress at midnight! The thick foliage obscures your vision, the rock faces form a virtual hedge maze, and the guard dogs that patrol the grounds will not hesitate at ambushing you! What must you do? Find the entrance to the secret

Level 9 - Top Secret!

Finally, the top secret offices; unfortunately, security does not stop here! Three guardians shepherd the doors of the archive rooms and the Top Secret documents of Martin Bormann's whereabouts and his plans for the Omega Crystals, "Project: Omega". Good luck.

Secret - Covert Ops

Things cannot get any more secret than this. Though leaving this underground research facility is easy enough, will curiosity tempt you to enter its portals into the unknown world of "Project: Omega"?

Episode 2.

With a map of the Nazi fortresses and the plans for the Omega Crystals, you are parachuted into the specified compound...

Level 1 - Perimeter

Locate the Jewelled-Bronze Key to open the door to the entrance of the castle. Try not to take too much damage.

Level 2 - Entrance Hall

You're inside the castle, but the elevator that leads to the upper floor has a safety lock on it. Locate its silver key.

Level 3 - Corridor

Deeper inside! A massive corridor is split into several segments, but you can't get cross the segments directly, so you must work your way through the corridor - the long way!

Level 4 - Officers' Mess

Assassinate the Officers that give this floor its name. Only then will the armies fall apart.

Level 5 - Treasury

Kill the three Guardians that hang on to the keys; then, if you wish raid the treasuries!

Level 6 - Hot Pursuit

This cave is a navigation training site and shooting range for Officers and SS's. Can you get to the exit elevator before the elite warriors make you target practice? What a headache!

Level 7 - Amazing!

The exit is straight in front of you, but is blockaded. Work your way through the maze of corridors to get to it from behind. This floor, however, has another reason why it's called 'Amazing!'

Level 8 - Gatekeepers

The elevator stops one floor short of the mines. More elevators lie nearby that WILL lead to the mines, but they require three keys to activate, which are held by three guardians. Will the shortage of ammo hold back a hero like yourself?

Level 9 - The Omega Mines

At last! The mines! Dozens of raw Omega Crystals jut out from all over the place. The steel mining machines are scattered around everywhere, drilling holes through the mine walls, digging for Omega Crystals. The Remnants of the Third Reich would usually use the freight lift to get down here, but that's in another part of the mines behind sealed doors. Kill the guardian that wields the key to the main mining area, and then locate Martin Bormann who is believed to be overseeing the mining process. He, the organiser of this outrage, must be eliminated.

Tip: If you do happen to find the freight lift (it has a long wall of rails, and is filled with drums of refined Omega Crystals and two of the mining machines) you will be rewarded!

Secret - Madness!

If you happen to find this level, collect as much as you can before the SSs and the 'unexpected strangers' get rid of you!

Tip: There is a giveaway pattern in which doors can and cannot be opened by the gold key. You just have to be (very) observant.

Episode 3.

With Martin Bormann assassinated, the remnants of the Third Reich are scattered in disarray... except... one last group, who withhold tonnes of Omega Crystal, and have a Omega Refinery somewhere in their compound. Plus, they are now experimenting with their eternal power. Combined with Schabbs's research and technology, they have already worked out how to make mutants and summon Hitler Ghosts with it - be warned, they have also created three UberMutants; and their numbers may increase quickly. Stop them before it is too late!

Level 1 - Vehicle Depot

This is where the Omega Crystals are transported. Kill the Officers and SSs located in this area.

Level 2 - Steel Temple

This is the nickname for a security system built around a maze of steel passages and doors, and well-hidden keys.

Level 3 - Prison Complex

Many unfortunate prisoners-of-war were transported here to be transformed into mutants. No mutants lurk around here, however; they have already been moved to the laboratories elsewhere. Nevertheless, getting through will be a challenge, especially with a Guardian holding the Gold Key to the exit.

Level 4 - Armoury

This dark and gloomy floor holds ammunition and guns for mutants to have attached to their chests. Be warned, a number of prepared mutants guard the armoury, and the first UberMutant!!!

Level 5 - Barracks

Because of the secrecy of the Omega Crystals and their refining, many of the workers and guards have to actually live in the fortress. Expect heavy resistance!

Level 6 - The Warehouse

This is the fortress's storage facility and treasury. It is now almost empty. Just be careful - the route out of the storage complex is locked and the necessary keys are hidden in the store rooms. Note, most of the treasure and tools that used to be stored here has already been spent or stored elsewhere, leaving an empty, dark and rather spooky maze of rooms and access tunnels, but some small stockpiles and loose items still remain.

Level 7 - Omega Refinery

This is the place where the raw Omega Crystals are refined down to their hyper-explosive state. Mutants are everywhere, but the biggest risk is when you have to shut down the kiln - the shut-off switch is actually IN the kiln and someone has taken away the fireproof suit! Therefore, you will have to enter it while it is red-hot.

Level 8 - Laboratories

This is the heart of the Omega Crystal experimentation. Guards are everywhere, determined not to let you into the main laboratory (where their latest creations await, including the second UberMutant), OR onto the next floor where their GREATEST creation awaits, greater than anything so far...

Level 9 - Project: Omega

Well, you made it onto the next floor, but their 'greatest' creation was not at all what you expected. It is a massive 'super-bomb'. Packed with several tonnes of refined Omega Crystals, it has enough explosive power to destroy the whole of Europe - and it is making very unusual sounds! The few remaining Nazis and mutants are so determined to see the continent perish that they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice... to destroy their country to destroy Europe!

Locate and disarm the bomb before its timer reaches zero.

Tip 1: You may find a few scattered mutants and 'creations' along the way... and... if you're unlucky... the final UberMutant! If you do locate and kill the UberMutant however, all the doors in the maze will be unlocked, making it much easier to get through.

Tip 2: Take advantage of Mutants opening locked doors for you by killing them while they are still in the doorway; it could considerably shorten the route to the bomb for you.

We salute you... well, we will if we still exist after you go in!

Secret - "Undeadly!"

The name says it all. This level has mutants! There are plenty of rewards if you find this level, but you have to locate the Jewelled Bronze Key and take the gold and silver keys away from the two Guardians which appear somewhere in this secret treasury.

Tip: Acquiring the keys is difficult, especially on the highest difficulty rating, "I am Death Incarnate", but a secret room, not too deep into the complex, does contain copies of all three keys.

General Tips:

To find secrets, hold SPACE (or whatever you have the "Open" command set to) and run down against a wall, facing it. This technique will not open doors but it will open secret pushback walls.

Try not to pick up unused ammunition clips (not dropped by soldiers) if you have 95 bullets or more, as you will waste the full 8. Collect it when your bullet count is lower.

Running allows you to get out of danger quickly; use it whenever you can, because you might beat the par time as well.

ALWAYS run in E3L9! You can cover more ground in less time.

Use the knife if possible to kill lone guards. Every bullet counts.

Do not use the knife against Mutants.

1UPs give you 25 bullets and heal you back to full health; do not waste them; extra lives are worthless during the immediate future.

Shooting might attract the attention of guards and dogs nearby. Using the knife does not do this until you injure or kill an enemy.

If you run low on ammunition, try to get away to find more ammunition, especially if you are fighting a Guardian.

Bullets, both yours and enemies', do more damage at closer range.

Learn how to strafe (side-step). Use it to hide behind walls while fighting Guardians, so you can keep facing them, and to avoid the White Guardians' (Otto Giftmacher) and Martin Bormann's rockets and the Hitler Ghosts' fireballs.

Do not be fooled by a false sense of security. If you open a door to a room that appears empty, check who is lurking to the side of the door, just out of view! Too many times have cocky amateur players rushed straight in and got shot in the back.

Do not assume that all of the enemies are in front of your gun's barrels! Periodically check if a guard has not sneaked up behind you.

Some, but not all, obstacles can block rockets and fireballs, but not bullets. Use them for cover.

Do not assume that the exit lies behind an elevator door. It might be a booby-trap.

If you cannot find a key for a locked door, it might be wielded by a Guardian. However, if the only key for a locked door is hidden behind a pushwall, it is not usually required to complete the level with (none of the "Project: Omega" levels require them).

If, when pressing a wall, you hear a sound similar to when pressing on a locked door without the matching key, it is a pushback wall that is blocked from behind or cannot move in that particular direction. Try pressing it from another angle.

Do not always use the Gatling Gun - it consumes ammo like popcorn. The machine gun, pistol or even the knife in some cases can be better weapons to use against weak enemies like guard dogs.

Watch where patrolling guards march; you never know, they might lead you somewhere worth noting.

Take advantage if a guard opens a locked door that you do not yet have the key for. Shoot the guard in the doorway so it is jammed open.

Be careful of dogs and guards. Though they are weak, they can act as cover for more powerful enemies, such as SSs, behind them.

Martin Bormann is a ruthless murderer who will merrily mow down his own men if they get in the way of his firepower. Use this to your advantage!

Miscellaneous Information:

"End of Level" Bonuses:

If you prove yourself superior and scour the floors undefeated, you may be rewarded with the secret bonus!

At the end of a level, you may be rewarded extra bonus points:
You get 25,000 points for finding and completing the secret level, but no other end-of-level bonuses are rewarded in this instance.

Killed all enemies on level: 10,000 points
Opened up all secret doors: 10,000 points
Collected all of the treasure: 10,000 points
Completed level under par: 500 points per second

Secret Bonus:
Can I play, daddy? - 10,000 points
Don't hurt me. - 20,000 points
Bring 'em on! - 50,000 points
I am Death Incarnate! - 85,000 points

At the end of the BOSS level, you may be rewarded extra bonus points:
NOTE: The 'episode' counts as levels 1 through 8 only.

Killed all enemies on entire episode: 100,000 points
Opened up all secret doors: 100,000 points
Collected all of the treasure: 100,000 points

Secret Bonus (On boss level):
Can I play, daddy? - 25,000 points
Don't hurt me. - 50,000 points
Bring 'em on! - 100,000 points
I am Death Incarnate! - 250,000 points

Version Updates:

Second Beta:

- Episode 1 is now playable

- Par time for E3L7 changed from 08:00 to 10:00

- Episode 3 title changed to "Omega"

- E3L9 name changed to "Project: Omega"

- Floor Colour changed for E1L8

- Level title displayed at "Get Psyched" screen

- Martin Bormann is now a modified Death Knight, including the
"Sighting" and "Death" voices.

- UberMutant makes a different sound when killed

- New explosive barrel

- New destructible Nazi-banner actor

- Dogs now do more damage if they bite you

- Rockets now produce a powerful explosion on Death Incarnate mode (except Martin Bormann's, which always produce the explosion).

- Some level layouts changed

- Secret pickup (not ready for use yet) added to engine (hidden, lone explosive barrels in some levels mark where they will be placed)


New Features to the Wolfenstein Engine:

Many new types of door:
Locked Door (Opened by Jewelled bronze key)
Locked Door (Can never be opened by player, because it has no
matching key - used more or less for decoration)
Reactor Door (Same in principle as the normal and elevator
doors, but with a reactor-wall texture)
Mechanical Door (Initially Open)
Mechanical Door (Initially Closed)

Mechanical doors that are toggled by a switch.

Jewelled Bronze Key (A third key)

Ubermutant from S.o.D. with slight AI modification (Drops Jewelled Bronze Key and is more aggressive and unpredictable)

Countdown Timer on very last level (E3L9)

New Bonuses at end of Level/Episode. Discover how to claim the secret bonus yourself!

New Nazi banner that disintegrates slowly when shot.

New Explosive Barrel that can take several enemies out at once if shot.

Tile 0xca is now an invisible wall that is totally transparent, yet blocking to actors and the player. These are generally used for effect in level transitions (i.e. between levels 8 and 9 of Episode 1)

Modifications to already existing features:

Secret Doors (Pushback walls) now ALWAYS move back 2 spaces. They occasionally moved 3 spaces due to a bug in a mathematical expression.

Elevator "Back Maps" have been changed.

Otto Giftmacher now drops a Jewelled-bronze key.

Gretel Grosse now drops a silver key.

Dr. Schabbs art & code replaced with that of the UberMutant.

General Fettgeschist art & code replaced with that of the Death Knight.

UberMutant and Death Knight sounds added.

Martin Bormann's (Death Knight) rockets produce a powerful splash-damage explosion, as do the White Guardian's rockets on "I am Death Incarnate" mode.

"ENDGAME" Floor-code trigger adapted so it ends the level with an open door sound (because they are placed in front of doors, to give the impression of the player opening it to go into the next sector) rather than ending the episode. Note that it only works for levels 1-8, and level 10. Walking over an "ENDGAME" on level 9 will end the episode as it does normally.

Other Miscellaneous Changes:

Much new art (wall textures, door textures and sprite textures).

"Robert's Jukebox" now accessible from Main Menu.

Menu Color Scheme changed.

Intro, menu and level music changed.

Ceiling Colours have been changed.

Floor Colour has been changed for E1L8.


Produced by:
Garjen Software.

Original Concept:
J. Gareth "Praetor PredAtor" Moreton.

Level Design:
Jennifer H. Moreton (Levels 1, 3 and 4 of Episode 1).
J. Gareth "Praetor PredAtor" Moreton (Episodes 2 & 3 and levels 2 and 5-10 of Episode 1).

J. Gareth "Praetor PredAtor" Moreton.
Adrian Carmack (ID Software).

...and the artists from a few other Wolfenstein 3D TCs.

Bobby Prince (ID Software)

C++ Programming:
J. Gareth "Praetor PredAtor" Moreton
John Romero (ID Software)

Special Thanks:
B.J. Rowan (For the Wolf3D source from his website and for the basic tutorials)

Borland International (for Turbo C++ 3.0)

...and ID Software for such a revolutionary game!

Presented by:
Garjen Software

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