FAQ / About Garjen.

This section is about Garjen - both the company and the people behind it, so if this seems to be rather informal compared to the rest of the site, it's meant to be - especially the staff profiles.

What is Garjen Software?

Garjen Software (or Garjen for short) is a company, based in the South of the United Kingdom, that deals with add-on packs, mods and TCs (Total Conversions) for a growing variety of PC games. Our original purpose was to design just single-player levels, called 'Extreme Levels', for those looking for a challenge. However, this proved impractical, as many of the levels were near impossible and were never finished or released. Instead, we have opened our gates for game mods of all kinds, multiplayer or single-player.

Which games are these add-on packs for?

Taking into account only our current projects (not our Projects in Development), our packs and levels are for StarCraft, Duke Nukem 3D, Lemmings and Wolfenstein 3D. Behind closed doors, into the realm of Projects in Development, we are developing a TC for Half-Life and maps for Unreal Tournament. Watch this space!

And how much do these add-on Packs cost?

Nothing! All our add-on packs are free. There are many reasons behind this, one of them being that the license agreements for the games that these add-on packs are based on specifically disallow any sort of profit to be made from them.

What are the future plans for Garjen?

We plan to release our own Windows applications, mainly for game modification purposes, plus a few components and controls for all those Windows Delphi programmers out there.

Our distant target is to design a game from scratch. This is far easier said than done because it requires highly advanced programming and developing. For now, we are sticking with simple add-on packs.

Any more questions for us? Head off to the forum, yell in the ShoutBox, or drop us a note via the contact page, but please look around Garjen for the answers first - nothing annoys us more than repeated questions.

Now, if you are brave of heart and strong of stomach, have a look at the personal pages for information about each of the 'staff' who have made Garjen what it is. Please note that the profiles were written by the person concerned, in case you wondered about the change in narrative styles. Therefore please don't expect the level of sanity that I (Hornet) have provided thus far. You have been warned!