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Welcome to Garjen!

Garjen Version Three - "The Seventh Shade" is now up and running, and it's doing a sterling job. We remain, as ever, dedicated to bringing you quality add-ons, TC's, mods, maps and tactics, but now we do so for an even broader range of games. Our own tools and games, when finished, will give yet another aspect to the site, and hopefully you will find them useful. We update the site on a regular basis, so please bookmark us by clicking here, or press Ctrl+D.


23rd Dec 2005.
The Garjen forums have been upgraded to use a superior engine.

10th May 2004.
This is far too large and important an event to only mention in the Update section, so it is classed as News instead. Garjen has been subjected to a industrial-scale makeover, with everything totally redesigned, so if our regular visitors are feeling lost, I can assure you that this is still Garjen! Lots of new pages have been added - see the Highlights section for more information. We have also added download counters, which are already showing activity.

August 2003.
Plans are starting to brew for a new-look Garjen - watch this space!


10th May 2004.
It will probably be easier to say what hasn't changed... The only part of Garjen that has not been changed is the background, but even that has been moved and optimized! All the old downloads and articles are still here, but they may be very different from how you remember them...

20th March 2004
Conway has written an excellent tutorial about LemEdit - click here to view it.

16th November 2003
Two new Lemmings packs added - see the Lemmings Update section for details.


Garjen now has an entire section devoted to the immortal StarCraft, with single- and multi-player maps, and enough strategies and tactics to satisfy beginners and veterans alike.

Also completely new is the section devoted to our software, although we do not as yet have any downloads on the page, since the software in question is still in development. But that doesn't mean that the page will stay empty...

If you're looking for a new desktop background, have a look at Hornet's Creations. The Garjen Windows Media Player skin can also be found here.


Due to intense pressures from coursework, Garjen updates (particularly in the StarCraft region) are likely to be sporadic at best, although we will still upload levels etc., we will probably not have time to compile tactics in the immediate future.

Many thanks go to Morse, who has been providing me (Hornet) with invaluable assistance with the perl scripts, not to mention much-needed moral support.

Instead of using that pesky scrollbar to move down the page, try pressing the spacebar. It can make life much easier.

If this page doesn't display properly (and you'll know if it doesn't, trust me!) ensure your screen resolution is set to a minimum of 1024*768, and if that fails, try upgrading or even changing your browser. To update Internet Explorer, go to www.microsoft.com/windows/ie or to update Netscape Navigator, go to www.netscape.com/update. I personally recommend that you use Mozilla or, even better, Firefox, both of which are outstanding browsers, both are completely free, and seem to display Garjen perfectly, except for the occasional problem with the floating toolbar - but this is easily solved by clicking on a button.

If you are using Internet Explorer, and on some pages you see a white square with a red cross appearing where an image should be, indicating that the image is not present, it is. Right-click the image-that-isn't, and click "Show Picture", and as if by magic, it will appear. If anyone knows why the images don't appear in the first place, please let me know via the contact page. Many thanks.

Master Index

This is a list of all the pages on Garjen. All of these can be accessed via the navigation system; this is provided for reference only.

Main Page

News about projects in development, future plans being made, and anything that has affected Garjen in some way.

This section has details of anything uploaded or changed on the site, such as new Lemmings levelpacks or updated StarCraft maps.
HighlightsLinks to some of the lesser-known of Garjen's sub pages.

Odds and ends that we feel your attention should be drawn to.
Master IndexAn index of all pages of Garjen, organised and labelled for easy perusal.
Our Software
Garjen's Software

This page will hold our own custom software, although we haven't got anything finished to a distributable stage yet.
An overview of StarCraft, with an introduction to the strategies section.
General TacticsThis section is under development.
Terran UnitsThis section is under development.
Terran TacticsThis section is under development.
Zerg UnitsThis section is under development.
Zerg TacticsThis section is under development.
Protoss UnitsThis section is under development.
Protoss TacticsThis section is under development.
Our Maps

A selection of our custom single- and multi-player maps and campaigns for you to download.
Lemmings UpdatesA detailed list of recent updates to the Lemmings pages
Garjen's LevelpacksGarjen's own Lemmings levelpacks for you to have a go at.
Fan's LevelpacksAn assortment of levelpacks created by the myriads of loyal Lemmings fans.

Cheapo Styles

Style files for the newer Cheapo Copycat Lemmings.
Cheapo PacksCheapo levelpacks, both by Garjen and by the public at large.
Cheapo Music TracksCustom music tracks for Cheapo.
Tips and TricksTips and tricks to help you complete the hardest of levels.
TeamDuke IntroductionA brief introduction to TeamDuke.
TeamDuke UpdateNews about TeamDuke updates.
TeamDuke DownloadThe place to go to download TeamDuke and a few other useful things.
TeamDuke TuitionA step-by-step guide to playing TeamDuke.
TeamDuke MapsA scattering of maps for use with TeamDuke.
TeamDuke GlossaryA glossary of terms and items used in TeamDuke.

The Story

The storyline behind Project: Omega.
DownloadThe all-important download link.
The LevelsA detailed guide to the levels found in Project: Omega.
General TipsGeneral tips that the Wolfenstein player will find of use.
Miscellaneous InformationVarious information concerning Project: Omega.
Version UpdatesA history of the different versions.
CreditsThe people who helped make Project: Omega.
FAQ/About GarjenInformation about Garjen, and a list of frequently asked questions.
Hornet's ProfileMy profile, for those who are truly desperate for something to look at.
Hydra's ProfileThe profile of the infamous Hydra.
PredAtor's ProfileThe PredAtor emerges from the shadows with his profile.

Garjen's Forum

A great place to talk about anything that's on Garjen, and several things that aren't!
Contact Garjen
Our contact page, where you can easily send us a message using our online form.
StarCraft LinksAn impressive collection of links to some excellent StarCraft sites.
Lemmings LinksLinks to some of the few remaining Lemmings websites.
Duke Nukem 3D LinksSome links to Duke-related sites.
Wolfenstein 3D LinksA scattering of Wolfenstein links we've collected over the ages.
Other Games SitesHand-picked links to other gaming sites we like.
Tools SitesSome links to essential tools sites.
Miscellaneous LinksThe links that we thought you'd like, but didn't fit anywhere else.

Links FAQ

Oddly enough, yes! People keep asking the same questions about our linking policy, so we've decided to set it out once and for all.

Last but not least, the miscellaneous additions that aren't part of the main navigation system:

Hornet's CreationsThe only place from which to download Hornet's wallpapers and media player skins.
Lemedit TutorialAn excellent tutorial on the functions and features of LemEdit, written by Conway.