Hydra's Den.

I am a keen programmer and RTS gamer, amongst other things. As a good friend of the administrator of Garjen, I am also greatly involved here...

Online nicknames: AlmightyHydra (Almost everywhere), ahydra (Westwood, or where AlmightyHydra doesn't fit!) and variations such as "The Hydra". Basically, anything with a Hydra in it. Don't ask how this originated, I think it was on Planetarion (a spacey-planety-MPOG type game) and I called myself after some SC units, when I hit on the hydra it kind of stuck.

Location: South-East England

Interests: Music, gaming, programming, cards, friends, problem-solving...

Music: My own! But also, Coldplay and Christina - they're great. Recently though, I have kinda fallen in love with the song "Dragostea Din Tei" by O-Zone (originally by Haiducii actually - I assume O-Zone rehashed it). Why? I guess the cool sound effect halfway through the first verse, plus the fun of trying to pronounce the Romanian when I sing it, is behind this addiction!

Pets: My brothers have hamsters. I have my brothers.

Distinguishing feature: A distinctive hydra-like aura...

In the meantime I am working on a set of SC tactics and will help with maintenance on the Garjen downloadable files etc. You can count on me.

How much of Garjen can you be blamed for?

Not creating it, but probably for keeping it going in places... I have created a few lemmings packs and a few SC maps. I also have helped with tactics for SC and been a regular poster on the forums. Give me time - I will create more lemmings packs and SC maps!

What tools do you use?

Notepad is brilliant for quite a few things, I use VB6 for programming and SCXE for map editing. Now I have FTP access I use WS_FTP32, which is a great program especially because it's free. Shame they were too cheap to make their own sound effects instead of ripping them out of the 3D Pinball game from Windows XP!

What does your desktop look like?

The standard windows one! I don't bother putting pictures on my desktop really, not even good-looking girls or - you guessed it - a hydra...

Anything we should know about otherwise?

Well, don't EVER wake me up when i'm sleeping... and if you need an icon editor, you might just be in luck. More on that story later.