Cheapo Lemmings.

Cheapo Copycat is a clone created by a Lemmings fan. Here is our page of Cheapo packs, styles and music files created by Garjen and other fans of Cheapo Copycat.

NOTE: When saving your Cheapo styles and packs, please try to use only standard characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _ (underscore), etc). Non-standard characters - including hyphens ("-") and spaces! - mess up the download counting system. Thanks, AlmightyHydra

Cheapo Copycat Styles.

Fantasy.styJuanjo el Lemming Fairy-tale styleClick Here965
Galaxy.styJuanjo el Lemming Space styleClick Here807
Hydra1.styAlmightyHydra Cyberspace styleHidden591
Machine.styJuanjo el Lemming Chemical Factory styleClick Here808
OldTemple.styJuanjo el Lemming Ancient Temple styleClick Here804
Racerlem.stySteaver370Lemming Racer StyleClick Here475
RedDragons.styMichaŽl "DragonsLover" Ch‚teauneufDragon LemmingsClick Here814
RedDragons2.styMichaŽl "DragonsLover" Ch‚teauneuf Fiery style + Dragon LemmingsClick Here 511
Skullvis.styJuanjo el Lemming Hellish styleClick Here508
Sonic-GreenHillZone.styBen Conway Sonic the Hedgehog styleClick Here476
Space.sty v0.02ŖJ. Gareth "Praetor PredAtor" Moreton.
Uses "Year 3000" track by AlmightyHydra
Space styleClick Here 572
War2.styJuanjo el Lemming Military styleClick Here825

Cheapo Copycat Packs.

By Garjen Software:

FileAuthorRequired Style FilesDescriptionDownloads
SpacePack1.setJ. Gareth "Praetor PredAtor" MoretonSpace.sty First Cheapo level set by me (Gareth). 10 levels using the Space style; get increasingly harder each time, with the first level as a kind of training level.294

Fans' Contributions:

DownloadAuthorRequired Style FilesE-mailDownloads
AlmightyHydra1.set SolutionsAlmightyHydraNone.Hidden487
AlmightyHydra2.set SolutionsAlmightyHydraNone.
Fantasy.setJuanjo el LemmingFantasy.styClick here235
Galaxy.setJuanjo el LemmingGalaxy.styClick here207
HiTech1.set SolutionsAlmightyHydra None.Hidden430
HiTech2.setAlmightyHydra Hydra1.styHidden192
HiTech2.set SolutionsAlmightyHydra None.Hidden405
Machine.setJuanjo el LemmingMachine.styClick Here215
OldTemple.setJuanjo el LemmingOldTemple.styClick Here205
piainp2.setPiainp2Hydra1.sty Galaxy.sty Racerlem.sty
Click Here199
piainp2_2.setPiainp2Hydra1.sty Machine.sty
Click Here141
RedDragons.setMichaŽl "DragonsLover" Ch‚teauneufRedDragons.sty, RedDragons2.sty

Click Here

Skullandvisceras.setJuanjo el LemmingSkullvis.styClick Here170
SonicGreenHillZone-Introduction.set Ben ConwaySonic-GreenHillZone.styClick Here476
War2.setJuanjo el LemmingWar2.styClick Here216

Cheapo Copycat Music Tracks.

Year_3000.midAlmightyHydra Year 3000 - BustedHidden654
EVBREATH.midAlmightyHydra Every Breath You Take - PoliceHidden565